Widow Widower Dating

widow and widower datingLosing your other half is not an easy thing, most people need a lot of time to heal and feel capable of moving on with their lives. But, even if life is unjust and takes away the people we love, this doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy the rest of our lives and experience happiness once more. If your partner loved you indeed, he or she would love to see you happy, living your life in the best way possible, and not sunk in a never-ending puddle of sadness and grief. So, window widower dating should definitely happen, once they accept life as it is and the fact that they cannot change or influence some aspects of life. Widow dating is something like senior dating. You may want to take a look at the reasons below and see why it is a good thing to date someone in the same position as you.

Dating a widow or widower means to date someone who understand what you went through

A person who also lost someone at one point during their lives will definitely understand what you went through and how you are feeling. It is unfortunate that you have such a thing in common, but you will not feel the need to provide additional explanations to your date because he or she has been there and they know that this is all about. It is rather comforting to have someone around you that understands you and can provide the support you need to move on. Also, you can do the same in your turn, so that you both find the helping hand you need and a compassionate partner. So do consider dating a widower.

They will not be offended if you mention your spouse

How can one be upset if a widow or widower mentions their spouse? There is nothing wrong in remembering a person who meant something in your life, keeping this way his or her memory alive. So, in case you slip away and mention your spouse in the present tense, realizing what you did and trying to correct yourself, your date will not be offended by your gesture. After all, if they do this the same way, you can also understand, knowing how it feels like.

You can open up about your grief and not feel vulnerable while doing so

Sure, you talked with others about your grief, like family members and close friends, but you always got the feeling that they cannot fully understand you, because they didn’t go through the same event, or they look at you are something fragile and vulnerable. Well, if you choose to date with a widow or widower, in comparison to dating a person that did not lose his or her partner, you will be able to talk about these sensitive parts of your life without feeling exposed or vulnerable. It is not easy to talk about such things, no matter how many years passed since your spouse passed away, so it is a great thing to have a person around that will not want to take advantage of your vulnerability. You will practically allow yourselves to find relief by talking openly about your loss, without feeling awkward or guilty. It is one of the many benefits of widow and widowers dating.