Top 10 Dating Reviews of the Best Senior Dating Sites

senior dating reviewsGiven the onslaught of dating sites for senior singles that started about a decade ago, finding the best platform that caters to all your needs is similar to finding a needle in a haystack, which is indeed very difficult. Because senior dating sites make the online dating easy and convenient, they are becoming hugely popular now. If you’re on the lookout for the best dating sites in the online senior dating segment, we suggest taking to reliable review sites that aim to make the process easier and hassle free.

How do the Senior Review Sites Work?

The working of review dating sites is very simple. Most sites in the category contain anywhere between 5 – 10 reviews, so you have ample information available at hand to be able to draw a genuine comparison. In addition to this, the sites are known to contain unbiased reviews of all the top dating sites available on the market. Nevertheless, before you take to a website of this sort, it is important you understand what your actual needs and requirements, which would help in the process of decision making.

Here are a few parameters that you might need to take into account:

Value for money: Most dating sites in the online 50 plus dating segment have a fixed set of standards. Subscription charges that the reviewer might find reasonable might as well be at the higher end of the spectrum for you. Therefore, you may say that it all comes down to perspective. While comparing websites, make sure the site fits your budget. On the other hand, we don’t suggest opting for companies that offer 100% free membership as they’re likely to compromise on security.

Demographic targeting: When you’re planning on finding a match, it is important you decide whether you’re okay with relocating to another part of the country or world. A lot of dating sites available on the market have a global audience, which means you’d be interacting with people from across the globe and you may fall in love with any one of them. Find a dating site that connects you with people in your city if you aren’t comfortable with relocating.

Ease of use: In the race to the top spot, a lot of dating sites continue adding top – notch features and end up making the platform complicated and unusable. It is worth bearing in mind that more doesn’t always translate to effective. There are several dating services available today that are simple and very easy to use. Above all, they also have a decent success rate.

Ten Best Senior Dating Reviews Sites


It’s fair and reasonable to place this review site at the top one position, without sing our own praises. This site generates detailed reviews of 6 optimal sites at present, while all of them are hand-picked and updated, so that the readers could be able to get all they need. The summary review on the head page gives users a snippet of information, to know these best senior dating sites all around. Meanwhile, the detailed review from editor helps you get to know more of the site you choose.


This site supports expert and user reviews of the world’s best websites, services and products, not just for senior dating reviews. It claims that “Pointing you in the right direction!” The completely reviews of the numerous online services and products surely include the online dating industry, the editors compared 15 most popular Senior Dating Websites on several important parameters, including features lists, star ratings, pricing information, videos, screenshots and more to help you make the right choice. It’s brand makes it one of the best senior dating review site on the internet.

3. Top 10 Senior Dating Sites is a dating comparison platform with difference, they pride on give their users honest, detailed reviews of the world’s leading dating platform for senior generation, and making their charge valuable. We can say that this is a sufficient professional reviews site, not only for the site layout and content, but also their team of dating experts has signed up, used and enjoyed every site featured on their page. By doing so, they have shared extensive information and viewpoint to their clients.

4. Online Senior Dating Sites is a popular review site that provides editors’ view in senior dating, since launched in 2014, it has been growing one of the most considerable reviews site in the past two years. The group of it’s team has been in online dating business for more than 10 years and most of them have rich experience in dating market, they are also operating several dating websites in over 50 dating, this makes their rating reliable to senior singles.

5. Free Senior Dating Sites

For Senior Singles who are looking for dating online, the first is to make a decision of choosing which site to use. Too many dating sites around that it can make us confused, this is why free dating sites for senior singles turn into a good option, for without spending unavailing money you can try as many as you want. To help you get started with these free resources, the list of what we believe to be the best senior dating sites for free has been compiled, it is

6. Customer Rankings

This site is a free online resource that offers users valuable content, including not only online dating services, but also all walks of life. We can say that it’s one of the most authoritative information platform, of course the same in the online senior dating business. As a general resource site, it does not include all dating sites available in the marketplace to customers. Even so, we still treat it as one of the top reviews of the best senior dating sites.

7. Dating Advice

The experts reviewed the most popular online dating sites for seniors (age 50 and up) and ranked them based on size, success rate, safety and other factors. Their team’s number one priority is to help folks like senior crowd have the best online dating experience possible, and they devote themselves to great lengths to research and review the dating sites they recommend. From the sign-up process and cost to the features and reputations, takes users through every component that goes into picking the top senior dating sites.

8. Senior Planet

Senior Planet is a tech-themed resource for seniors over 60 who are living with attitude. Although it's not a dating review site in the strict sense, you can still be able to treat it as the alternative resource while choosing the senior dating sites. The site's editor integrated dating sites that offer options for seniors, and collect those frequently-used sites to recommend to users, whether you're seeking love, fun, companionship or a travel partner. See how they stack up against the incumbents, and pick out the optimal service to get started.

9. Top 10 Best Dating Sites

It's a comprehensive review of all type of dating sites including comparisons, ratings, and coupons. Of course it has the part of the senior dating. Whether you’re getting back into the dating pool looking for relationship after a long break, or looking for a companion for your outdoor activities, it helps you find the right dating website for your needs. They ranked the features and pricing to make getting started as simple as it could be.

10. Dating About

Dating About is a dating advice and online dating reviews platform. You can not only browse relationship tips and dating advice from an expert, but also read reviews of top dating sites and check out unique date ideas. Find out if he/she is really into you. These reviews of the top online senior dating sites that cater to older adults will give you the costs, benefits, and special features of each one, plus the pros and cons of each.


When it comes to senior online dating reviews sites, no one matches the quality and details to attention of As we have said, as a user, you must understand that senior dating reviews sites, even the best ones, are just for the reference. For the last step, you must choose a dating website that is most comfortable and suitable with you.