The 20 Don’ts of Senior Online Dating

senior online datingDid you know that the online dating industry is now worth more than $2 billion? Well, it might not be everyone’s preferred way of looking for a partner, but popularity is increasing. And if you are over 50 and think online dating is not an option for you, then you are mistaken. There are already lots of senior online dating websites waiting for you to sign up. In the last article post we have summarized what you should know when using the senior dating websites for the first time, and then In this article I would like to highlight the 20 most important don’ts that you should consider when dating online. Follow these rules of online senior dating, you will have a nice experience in your romantic tour.

# 1 – Don’t feel bad or odd by looking for a partner online. Consider it as a modern way of finding a lovely partner where you can present yourself to those people that appeal to you the most.

# 2 – Don’t sign up at generic dating websites, choose specifically those that are catering to the older generation. Some generic online dating sites might not even allow over 50s to join!

# 3 – Don’t be in a rash when setting up your profile! Take your time to get your profile done properly. Make sure it reflects all aspects of your personality. When it comes to choosing a suitable profile picture try to avoid using a selfie. People might think you don’t have any friends to ask to get a nice picture done! And make sure you do use a picture, your chances of being contacted will definitely be higher. If you are unsure what to write in your profile look at others and see how they are presenting themselves. When writing your profile description try to write it in a way that sounds interesting and original and not just standard. Try to stand out, but don’t consider it as a CV. Remember you are on an online senior dating website and not career job matching site!

# 4 – Don’t make silly grammar or spelling mistakes. The reader might think you are poorly educated, too lazy to re-read your own content or just superficial without paying too much attention to it.

# 5 – Don’t just write a standard message the first time you address your date. Instead make sure you address the person by name, refer to some interesting points from their profile or interests that make you want to find out more about the person. Personalised messages will make you stand out and will really get a real dialogue going.

# 6 – Don’t make yourself sound lonely or needy in your profile or throughout your conversations. That will make you perfect prey for scammers!

# 7 – Don’t lie! It does not make any sense to provide false information. Once you are going to meet the person in real life, you will be perceived as dishonest. Thus, don’t show old profile pictures, don’t say you are 1,80m tall if in reality you are 1,65m tall, don’t say you are slim if you are overweight! Don’t say you are interested in golf just to impress your date, while indeed you don’t have any clue about it! Be honest and stay true to yourself, don’t break other people’s trust in you.

# 8 – Don’t be negative. No matter how many disappointing experiences you had in the past, always try to stay positive in the language you use.

# 9 – Don’t disregard other people just because they are not your type or are not similar to you at all.

# 10 – Don’t be impatient in your online dating process. Take your time to look for the right person and then also take your time to get to know that person before you decide to meet face to face. Don’t rush too quickly into something that later on you might regret.

# 11 – Don’t reply to every email you get, respect yourself. Only write to those that really interest you. Don’t waste your time with average people or those that seem to have odd intentions. Focus on those where you really feel strongly about.

# 12 – Don’t hesitate to stand up if required. If you feel harassed by someone online, e.g. by sending you continuously messages and not understanding that you are not interested in them, then feel free to report that person to the site’s officials.

# 13 – Don’t talk to a fraud. Have you heard the term CATFISHING? We are talking about a person who pretends to be someone by trying to fool you when talking to you. In other words, a person who shows a wrong profile picture and gives a wrong description which is just fabricated. That’s called being officially CATFISHED or lured into believing someone else’s false identity.

# 14 – Don’t give out personal information, such as phone number, address or personal email. People might easily be able to find your location. Don’t forget that not everyone on the internet is trustworthy. You surely don’t want to get your identity stolen or being made a fool out of.

# 15 – Don’t give any money. No matter how charming a person seems, if they ask you to give them money in order to cross the globe to meet you, the best strategy is to decline. You are most probably dealing with a scammer.

# 16 – Don’t hesitate to walk away if you don’t feel comfortable or you feel the person you were in touch with online is not the same person in front of you. You might also consider of reporting the person to the dating website as fake identity. They will then be blocked from using their website again.

# 17 – Don’t meet at a private place, find instead a public place where there are lots of people and plenty of lighting. Once you decide that you want to meet in person, choose a neutral place. Meeting at a coffee shop during the day would be a safer option than a restaurant at night or a private residence. Always make sure you inform your family or friends when and where you are going.

# 18 – Don’t be late when meeting your date. Being unpunctual shows the other person that you don’t take it seriously, it reflects a lack of real interest and respect. Also make sure that you are clean, you had a shower and are well groomed. This might sound obvious, but sometimes people don’t do it.

# 19 – Don’t just listen to the other person, even though it is important to listen, but also contribute to the ongoing conversation.

# 20 – Don’t talk about illness, which is either affecting you or other family members. If you really can’t avoid to talk about it, make sure you keep it short and don’t explain too many details. If your date begs you for it, just tell them that it is depressing for you to share more information about it. Tell the person that you are there to talk about them.

Written by Karin Schroeck-Singh, 22 February 2016