Senior singles are getting frisky on dating websites

senior singlesIf you still think that searching for a soul mate at the age of 50 is worrisome, then you need to meet Paula Paulette. Paula Paulette is 80 years old and single, and she is searching for a soul mate online. Yes, she‘s trying online senior dating sites! More still, she is not looking for someone to play around with. She is looking for a serious date.

“The last thing I want is a platonic male companion, unless he’s a gay,” says the vivacious senior. “Do I want to have solo sex for the rest of my life? No. I would love to find another soul mate, or, at least, another man I have chemistry with.”

Paulette’s happy marriage of almost 50 years ended after her husband died. She was 70 years at the time. She is now searching online again for possible partners and she has a lot of options.

The aging of the baby boomer population has seen a lot of dating more and more. This has given rise to many dating websites that are now focusing their attention on seniors looking for love again.

IAC who are the owners of and founded in 2011 to cater mainly for 50 years and above singles seeking to date.

“We saw an enthusiasm for something just for them,” says Joshua Meyers, CEO of People Media, the targeted- dating subsidiary of IAC., a dating app for seniors over-50s like Tinder launched and has been receiving a lot of traffic since then. The app shows users a single profile at a time, just like Tinder. There is also a feature that alerts users when a profile they have viewed and liked responded by liking them back. This way, users can avoid to reach out to a person that doesn’t want to communicate with them.

According to Marcie Rogo, the co-founder of Stitch, She discovered the need for a website for online dating for seniors when once worked at an assisted living facility back in 2010.

“Seniors aren’t the elderly babies that people stereotype,” she explains. “They’re real people with real pride, and it’s very hard to go up to someone and say, ‘Hi, I’m Lucy. I like bocce ball. Will you play bocce with me?’ And if you’ve lost your spouse, it’s really hard to meet someone new.”

Paulette says she likes Stitch, particularly because they carry out thorough background checks on users. And this is something she really appreciates because of her bad experienced with dishonest individuals online.

“So many men on dating sites are married,” she said.

She said that five years ago, she had a bad experience with a man she met on According to her, “All he did was talk very inappropriately about his ex-girlfriend and said horrible things, like that she was stalking him,” she recalls. “Then he started in with sexual things! And I started looking at how I could leave.”

Rogo explains that they perform detailed verification on their users before granting them access. She said that users must submit their full names along with their social security number. “We don’t want to let any scam artist through the site,” she says.

Rogo lets on that one good feature of Stitch is that people can choose to search for romantic or non-romantic companionship as they see fit.

However, Paulette is not just looking for companionship.

“I have enjoyed great joys in my life, children and grandchildren,” she says. “But the greatest joy for me was being in love with a man who loves you back.”