Senior People Meet Review

Senior People is undoubt designed for senior dating, just as its site name means, to bring the senior people together for dating, meeting and chatting. Senior People Meet is also a sub brand of People Media, it's profiles will be shared with the partner sites, so your profile will appear on OurTime, meanwhile you will benefit from thousands of older singles from huge member database. It's free to join and browse, and the sign up process only takes a few minutes. As a leading platform of senior dating, it also has the distinct disadvantages, they are hard to control members quality effectively and reject the fake profiles in time. - Reviewed by Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Online dating services are hot right now. Websites and apps that aim to bring people together have been booming in popularity in the last few years but if we take a good look at these websites and apps, we can tell they have a very specific market: young people, there’s a little portion for seniors over 50. In apps like Tinder, being 25 or 40 is almost a crime and a guarantee you won’t pick up a lot of matches. In this case, was created in order to close the market gap there was. Now people above 50 can actually have a shot at meeting someone without having to feel bad for having no matches on these services.


  • Free basic / standard membership.
  • Premium membership subscription packages as follows:
    • – One month Gold Membership: $29.96.
    • – Three months Gold Membership: $90.
    • – Six months Gold Membership: $101.94.
  • The website currently offers an array of payment options including Credit Card and Paypal.

Prices are subject to change. For the most up to date information, please refer to the actual website.


  • Customize Detailed Profile: Members are allowed to upload audio and video greetings, also can choose their own wallpaper.
  • Easier Search Options: The elaborate search options make it easy to find your match.
  • Search options: The search option allows you to browse and find members according to age, location and username.
  • Email and Real-Time Messages: Send and reply your messages and chat with hundreds of active members online.
  • Email & Winks: Send messages and winks to let others know you’re interested in them.
  • Match System : Original ‘My Match’ feature allows members filtrate out other users according to specified information like age, height, location etc.
  • Blogs & Forums: The active blogs and forums attract more users to stay at the site for long time
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Official experts and all-day online service make it more easier to use the website.

Editor’s Verdict

Once we get to the website we see that the design isn’t all that. It has an extremely simple design that, despite not being attractive, does get the job done – it doesn’t need to elaborate on the design.

On the website you have general dating service functions, such as a matchmaking tool, a “who’s online now” tool and even live chat, which is a nice addition to the simple user profiles we can see on the website. Although all of it looks great, some of the functions aren’t available to free users, who can only access them by paying for a membership.

Memberships are, of course, the way the websites makes money, so more attractive functions such as the live chat feature, are only available to users when they are paying for them. That is a drawback, but most online dating services work in that way.

The keyword search function works well, so if you spend some time on the website you will, almost invariably, be able to talk to someone on a daily basis – which is something we can’t say about all dating services.

Another one of the major drawbacks we can find on the website is that it is does have fake profiles – these are the ones that make the website look amazing as soon as people create an account, in order to make it look like there are thousands of options out there. This is a horrible thing to see out there as it is simply dishonest, but make no mistake: this is part of the online dating service industry. A website without fake profiles does not exist, at least to a certain extent. is a good example of a website that doesn’t attempt to scam users with fake profiles. Even though it has them, it doesn’t really send out thousands of messages to users as soon as they create accounts: the fake profiles are there, but they won’t bother you.

On the plus side, there are real men and women out there actually trying to meet other people, at The service itself Is good and this is a viable option if you want to meet senior people, but you need to beware of the drawbacks and, of course, be willing to pay for the privileges that will make it easier to meet other people.

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