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How to Date Single Women Over 60?

The online dating world has created new dimensions for singles around the world. They are now able to find partners easily at any phase of life by simply moving online. However, dating after crossing the age group of 60 become little different as compared to the time that you spent with your partner when you were young...Read More »

Single Senior Dating for Jewish

The idea that online dating is solely for the younger generation is something quickly becoming a concept of the past. Today’s seniors are more tech-savvy than ever before, and they are going online in droves to seek out love and companionship in their twilight years...Read More »

Senior Christian Dating

As someone with complete faith in Christianity, christian singles over 50 have spent more than half of their lives living by the bible which can make christian senior dating in today’s digital and progressive age a bit difficult without having to go against the teachings of Christianity...Read More »

Widow Widower Dating

Losing your other half is not an easy thing, most people need a lot of time to heal and feel capable of moving on with their lives. But, even if life is unjust and takes away the people we love, this doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy the rest of our lives and experience happiness once more. If your partner loved you indeed, he or she would love to see you happy, living your life in the best way possible...Read More »

Senior Citizen Dating

Things have changed and time has sailed decades longer, online dating which was believed to be only for younger generations has spread its wings of acceptance to senior citizens as well. Dating is one of the peaceful means especially for senior singles and a happy escape from their daily life. The concept that online dating only works for young people is something which nobody buys these days...Read More »

Baby Boomers Dating

The world of dating is completely different today than it was during the younger days of baby boomer singles. The baby boomers dating scene today is a lot different than it used to be but that doesn’t mean baby boomer people can’t find someone they can share their time with. Studies indicate that over 40 million people in the United States have entered into online dating from 2009 - 2011...Read More »

Top 5 Dating Sites for Seniors That is Completely Free

There are many senior dating sites available for single baby boomers and senior people to join and try at present. For most of these websites, you can just register and search for free unless pay to access the premium features, but singles especially over 50 years old are always cautious in any expenditure. So the absolutely free senior dating sites turn into essential...Read More »

Shy Senior Singles Need To Be Assertive in Senior Dating

There is a word saying that "I am shy but I am treating myself", so you need to take this into account if you place yourself in the shy people group. Being shy is not an untreatable illness and should definitely not keep you from finding your soul mate...Read More »

The Keys to More Meaningful and Successful Senior Dating Experience

Reaching an older age doesn’t mean you can’t date anymore or enjoy a successful relationship. Studies show that seniors make better choices when it comes to their partner, in comparison with the choices they made when they were young. Most people that reach a certain age need partners...Read More »

Tinder Dating App: Is Tinder Suitable for Seniors?

Are you in your senior years and still single? Did you ever consider using technology to help you meet people and, why not, even your match? Smart phones are already everywhere and most certainly you own one as well. So, it won’t cost anything to download an app that will open up your horizon and allow you to meet new people...Read More »

The Challenges of Dating with Senior People

We have all fantasized about sharing our personal space with someone senior. While the task is quite challenging, the segment of older-younger dating is one of the largest in the online dating industry. Having said this, relationships between older and younger individuals...Read More »

Ourtime Login Settings, OurTime Sign In Page - Best Senior Dating Sites

As an outstanding online dating site that focus on single seniors over 50, is well organized and has a large amount of mature people who are over 50 years old and looking for dating partners, it has all main stream site features that help users find someone special for a long-term relationship, even relationship leading to marriage...Read More »

5 Clues To Know If Someone Really Likes You

Back in the day when you were a lot younger, you might have taken a daisy and picked the petals off one by one to find out whether “he loves you or loves you not.” Or, if you were a little boy you probably passed notes to girls asking them to fill out one of two boxes, “Yes” or “No” in answer to your... Read More »

Effectiveness of Senior Citizen Dating Sites

Regardless of how old you get in life, your desire to find ‘the one’ never falters. Although it can be a little demotivating at times, there are still people at all ages looking for the one whom they can spend the rest of their lives with. Therefore, you need to put yourself out there and have fun whilst trying to find them. This is the effectiveness of senior citizen dating sites... Read More »

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