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What to look for on senior dating sites over 60?

The second innings of a person’s life begins after his prime time. Those above 60 try to give a new meaning to their life by trying out different things. If someone intends to set foot in the new field in their over 60s years old. Senior dating sites is something very interesting destination... Read More »

Match.Com, The Second Ranking Website For Senior Dating

Internet services have made it very convenient and easy to shop, hunt for job, listen to music, and watch movies without taking a step out of your house. If you are yet to, you can as well add to the list: meeting potential mates or partners and this is where comes in... Read More »

Are general dating sites suitable for senior singles?

With the advent of niche dating sites created exclusively for senior singles, does this mean general dating sites have been rendered useless? With the opinions greatly divided on this, we have come up with a few reasons as to why general dating sites such as Read More »

Senior singles are getting frisky on dating websites

If you still think that searching for a soul mate at the age of 50 is worrisome, then you need to meet Paula Paulette. Paula Paulette is 80 years old and single, and she is searching for a soul mate online. Yes, she‘s trying online senior dating sites... Read More »

Top 10 Dating Reviews of the Best Senior Dating Sites

Given the onslaught of dating sites for senior singles that started about a decade ago, finding the best platform that caters to all your needs is similar to finding a needle in a haystack, which is indeed very difficult... Read More »

5 Best Cities for Seniors to Travel in 2018

The fund and relaxation have always been important for senior citizens who are looking to find ways to enjoy their retirement years and have fun. When senior citizens are looking for a good place to go on a nice trip with their significant other half... Read More »

Benefits of Senior Dating in Finding True Love

Our society surely has a way to felling people that their best opportunities for romance and falling in love have come and gone. Unfortunately, most of all buy into this lie. Falling love requires no age as deep down you know too that it is never too late to find yourself a partner... Read More »

5 tips to find the prospect of online senior dating

Seniors who are looking to enjoy the benefits of online dating are not always computer literate or they may have been out of the so called “dating game” for many years already, but thanks to this helpful guide, seniors who wish to date can now enjoy the same good times... Read More »

Dating as a senior: Getting back on the saddle again

It can be difficult and downright maddening when it comes to the concept of dating for seniors. Thankfully, the online sites and culture have made things a bit less taboo and much more user-friendly when it comes to finding love all over again... Read More »

3 Tips for Finding the Right Person When You’re Seniors Over 50

You may have noticed that dating as a senior or even just an older adult can sometimes have challenges that you may not have faced when you were younger. It’s not that younger folks necessarily have it easier for some inherent reason... Read More »

Senior Dating App – the new trend of online senior dating

With smartphones dominating the smart devices segment, a lot of senior dating websites have come up with their specialist apps that make it convenient for people to access their services without any difficulty. Moreover, most of these apps have been optimized to work on connections... Read More »

Why do we rank as the best senior dating site? came into existence in 2001 and since then it has dominated the online senior dating segment. The website has acted as a trusted platform for senior singles to connect with like – minded people from across the globe... Read More »

6 Tips to Making Good Impression on First Date

You have finally worked up the courage to start looking for seniors to date online and you had the desire to exchange some interesting chats with someone you like. If you decide to meet up with person finally, we give you some important... Read More »

5 things seniors should know about online dating

Seniors would consider that they had to forget about love and romance if they had no partner after a certain age, no matter they had lost their partner due to illness or they simply got divorced. It is very common for society... Read More »

5 Tips for Getting Better Response on Dating Sites

The online dating sites are out there in abundance and it is only a matter of luck and little smartness that you can get best of the girls or boys to respond to you. To get these responses you just need to work on the ways... Read More »

To Tell or Not to Tell on Senior Dating Sites

To tell or not to tell? That is the question many seniors ask themselves when registering for online dating or when preparing their profile information. What am I talking about? Aging isn’t a pretty process. Along with the wrinkles and gray hair come infirmities such as strokes... Read More »

Online Dating Sites and Senior Discounts

Dating can be expensive whether you are 25 or 75. Changing times and ever-advancing technology mean that seniors entering the dating pool must find ways to keep up or be left behind. More and more couples and people are using the internet websites for dating and friendships... Read More »

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Online Dating

The “good, the bad and the ugly” isn’t just the name of a famous Clint Eastwood movie it’s also the reality of online dating! Sadly, online dating has become known for the dishonesty people who register for online dating employ in their search for a soul mate... Read More »

The 20 Don’ts of Senior Online Dating

Did you know that the online dating industry is now worth more than $2 billion? Well, it might not be everyone’s preferred way of looking for a partner, but popularity is increasing. And if you are over 50 and think online dating is not an option for you, then you are mistaken... Read More »

What Should You Know Before Using the Senior Dating Sites?

There is nothing more important when you are looking to start dating again, than to always stay safe and avoid any kind of interaction with people who might be rude or too different from you. When you get into the regular methods for dating that involve having to go to clubs... Read More »

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