Online Dating Sites and Senior Discounts

senior dating and discountsDating can be expensive whether you are 25 or 75. Changing times and ever-advancing technology mean that seniors entering the dating pool must find ways to keep up or be left behind. More and more couples and people are using the internet websites for dating and friendships. The ease afforded by being able to use a computer in your own home for the purpose of evaluating potential mates is beyond enticing. Gone are the old days where a senior hoping to meet a soul mate had to place a personal ad in the newspaper, then plan and execute a “meeting” with those applicants deemed worthy of a meeting. Nowadays, it is possible for that senior to sit in the comfort of his/her own den and sort through the myriad of people and details that internet dating provides. Never before has the selection been as large or as accessible as it has become with the emergence of internet dating sites.

For many seniors, the dating scene is scary in more ways than using online senior dating sites and finding the right partner. The cost of dating has increased substantially in recent years and many seniors find the costs beyond what they can afford on their pensions. Many seniors are even afraid to try internet dating because of the cost that might ensue should they find someone they want to meet in person. Even online dating has some costs associated with it, whether it is the cost of a computer and internet connection in your own home, or whether it is the wear and tear on the soles of your shoes from walking to the nearest internet cafe to access online dating. But once the possible applicants have been weeded out and some connections made, there usually comes a time when meeting with a person of interest becomes pretty important. At this point, seniors who have newly rejoined the dating sites are likely to find that the cost of going on an “actual” date has increased very significantly. It is important to remember those good old days when you were young and had no money and could still find amazing things to do with a special person, even if it was just lying in the cornfield watching the clouds for funny shapes.

It is still possible to find activities that do not cost much money and which do not involve cloud-shapes or corn silk, but it may take a little more effort. You can still lie in the cornfield if you want, or you can come up with other “free” activities to do. If imagination fails, many organizations and events, such as theatres, music halls, dances, etc., offer “senior’s discounts”, which can range from 10% up to 75% of the cost of an adult admission. These discounts are available for seniors 65 years of age and older, and may even be available for seniors as young as 50 years old, depending upon the business or organization. Similarly, there are usually seniors’ discounts for bus, airline and rail transportation, whether you are taking an extended trip or travelling only a few blocks. Taxi companies frequently offer seniors’ discounts and if not, there may be special services for seniors in your area that provide transportation and/or admission into events etc. for substantial discounts. These discounts also extend to major costs, such as hotel and travel packages, although in most cases proof of age is usually required.

Many cities have specific “seniors’ organizations”, which provide additional supports and discounts to seniors. Supports may take the form of rides and taxi fares, snow or mud-removal (so you can get out of your home to go to that all-important date), etc. Many of these seniors’ organizations lobby various businesses for free passes to events such as football and hockey games, art galleries, space and science centres, theatres and symphonies, etc. So it is possible, in many cases, to find free passes to an event you can take your online partner to without having to shell out any money. It is also possible to find coupons and additional discounts by checking online for discounts at local events or alternatively, by purchasing special “discount” books for your area.

The availability of discounts for seniors is an important consideration for those hoping to take an internet connection to the next level, since these discounts allow seniors to meet many potential partners in the process of trying to find the “perfect” soul mate, while still keeping costs down for the senior on a fixed income.