Match Review is undisputed an extremely successful online dating site, and it’s one of the largest in existence, with millions of members of all age groups and demographics. Due to its enormous user base, it generally also has been treated as one of the best senior dating sites. Many people who met on this site go on to get married and carry on a life together; this is no longer a strange occurrence, and the social stigma that there once was about online dating no longer really exists, especially since dating online makes finding exactly your kind of person much easier. Even if you're a senior and you feel that your prospects may not be as wide as they once were, chances are that you can find somebody on who will suit you—your pool of “applicants,” so to speak, will be rather vast. - Reviewed by Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

If you're new to online dating, though, you may not be sure which sites are worth your time and you may be wondering whether is a good choice for seniors over 50. Let's take a look at some pros and cons to help you decide:


  • Free basic membership.
  • Standard Membership:
    • – 1 month:$18.99 / month.
    • – 3 months:$11.99 / month.
    • – 6 months:$9.99 / month.
  • Best Value Plans:
    • – 3 months:$11.99 / month.
    • – 6 months:$12.49 / month.


  • There are millions of members, so you don't really have to worry about running out of prospects, even if you're over 50. Of course, this depends on where you live as well, and how far you're willing to travel.
  • It is free to create a profile and browse matches on the site.
  • Even when you need to use the paid features of the site, it's a fairly inexpensive monthly fee.
  • They have decent privacy features. For example, it protects you from other members seeing your email address directly. This way, you can message each other back and forth pseudonymously, and you don't have to worry about acquiring a new stalker if you're not willing to take the risk of telling other members your real name and email address.


  • The service is not completely free. If you want to send messages to other members on the site, you have to pay up, so basically if you're going to use the service at all, you'll have to pay money eventually.
  • As with any dating site, there are going to be spammers and con artists. True, is pretty good these days at weeding the fakes out, and the fact that it has a paid model helps to keep the less dedicated spammers away, but occasionally you will encounter someone who is pretending to be interested in you, but is really just trying to scam you. Sometimes you will run into fake profiles. This isn't as common as it is on other dating sites, though.
  • Again, as with most dating sites, you'll have to be at least somewhat computer-literate to use Just because you're a senior, though, doesn't mean that you're technophobic or don't know how to use an average PC. However, if this does sound like you, maybe you can get some help from family to set up your profile.

Editor’s Verdict

As the world's biggest online brand in dating segment, Match obtains a high score in features and costs, the effectiveness and professionalization is the guarantee which is very important for looking to date at the age of over 50. Even though it's not a niche targeting website for senior dating, it is still necessary to have a try if you care about the reputation and user base. Overall, is a great dating site if for no other reason than its popularity. As a senior in the dating scene, you're something of a minority, so you should leverage every outlet you can in order to find a good match for yourself.

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