Match.Com, The Second Ranking Website For Senior Dating for seniorsInternet services have made it very convenient and easy to shop, hunt for job, listen to music, and watch movies without taking a step out of your house. If you are yet to, you can as well add to the list: meeting potential mates or partners and this is where comes in. It is often a big decision for some to decide on engaging in online dating, this is because some persons feel it is a service for losers or better still, for those who find it difficult to meet people in real life. In real life situation, online dating sounds promising for busy and normal people, some have had good luck with it but like every normal engagement in real life, it offers also the bad options., the second ranking website for senior dating is a long term serving online dating service with a number of websites that serve a total of 25 countries in more than 8 world languages and with its headquarters in Texas and Dallas. It is a company owned by Interactive Corps (IAC) with a number of offices in cities like West Hollywood, Dallas, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco and Beijing. is a premium site for online dating, though the site has a very busy interface and requires you to purchase a subscription, it none the less renders a service which avails you the courtesy of being matched with a partner through a detailed search through the community of registered users. was founded in 1993 by Peng T.Ong and Gary Kremen, before evolving to the present level; it began initially as a concept aimed at providing a classified advert system for newspapers. was officially launched in 1995 granting the initial users of the service free lifetime membership as an effort towards building up the initial database of users to avail other paying customers some match.

The match system allows users to browse for free through profiles of men and women who have posted themselves online, hoping to find a match. Millions of men and women have registered on the site, as such; it may take weeks for a new user to conveniently browse through all the profiles after a new sign up. This is because this advanced search filter employed by the company runs a detailed sorting of users’ info which cuts across the lifestyle, occupation and physical; appearance. The unique match email filter performs an extra function outside the normal decrease of spam emails; it also saves time by displaying the profiles of those you will actually consider as good match.

In November 2015, through a decision by public votes, the UK Dating Awards gave the UK site an award of Best Marketing Campaign and as mentioned earlier, it is the second ranking website for senior dating.