How to Identify Scammers On Senior Dating Sites

identify scammersOnline dating websites have certainly made it convenient for people to find their perfect match from the comfort of their couch. However, what they have also done is put your personal information at stake. Dating websites are plagued with fake profiles, where people are constantly on the hunt for a victim. While you cannot do anything about identity theft except for reporting the profile, you can certainly determine whether or not the person you're chatting with is genuine.

It is worth mentioning that modern websites boast of complex algorithms that help in keeping fake users at bay. Nevertheless, these algorithms prove to be futile in knowing the true intentions of the user. As a matter of fact, no computer algorithm can help in determining if the person whom you're interacting with really wants to get into a relationship with you. Below is a list of red flags that should make the process of distinguishing genuine profiles from the non-genuine ones easier.

They don't have a real picture

Fake users whom you come across on dating sites either use recycled pictures of other users or simply unclear/blurred pictures. Premium dating sites require users to share their photo ID as part of the registration process so as to establish credibility of the user. However, this functionality is generally missing across a host of free senior dating sites.

They don't share personal information

Communication is an integral part of any relationship and the communication features available on most dating sites strive to establish a connection between users. In case you notice a person asking more questions and sharing very little about his/her personal life, take that as a red flag.

Inconsistent / vague information

When you start chatting with the person and you observe the information he/she shares contradicts with the information shared on the profile, understand there is something more than what meets the eye. Inconsistency in information shared means either of the two scenarios – the person is lying or there are multiple persons using the same account.

What to do when you come across a fake profile?

Modern senior dating sites have well-established methods of cracking down on non-genuine profiles. However, if you still come across any fake profile, in order to protect yourself, all you need to do is report it to the website admin and they would initiate a verification process to determine its authenticity. This would generally include asking for their contact details or submission of a verified document (passport, driver's license).

In addition to this, taking the aforementioned aspects into consideration would also play an important role in ensuring you have a decent online dating experience.

How to use tools to filter fake profiles?

Despite the fact that online dating is convenient and gives people an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded people from across the globe, it has its fair share of disadvantages as well. One of the main concerns that keep people away from these websites is the fact that it attracts a lot of criminals and scammers. Identity theft and financial fraud are some of the most common crimes that people fall victims of on these websites.

In order to counteract the attempts made by criminals, there are host of tools available online that would ensure you have a safe online dating experience.

Tineye: This is very similar to the Google's image search. The mechanism behind the tool looks out for origin of the image. Tineye is also available as a plug-in for leading web browsers like Firefox and Chrome, among others. Users also have the option of filtering images based on platforms ( &

Google: This is probably the most powerful tool to determine the true identity of an individual. While the web search would be instrumental in searching for a person based on his/her name and location, the image search tool will help you determine whether or not the user is genuine. We suggest using both web-based as well as image search tools to identify the individual.

RomanceScam: This is one of the most powerful tools for people looking to find a match online. According to researchers, most scammers hail from countries like Nigeria and Russia, pretending to be widows, divorced or wealthy. They usually come up with innovative ideas to drain you of your wealth. RomanceScam maintains a extensive database of such profiles so you don't fall into the trap.

While these are mere tools that could help you find out whether or not the person is real, it is you who has to be careful while making connections online. According to experts, finding fake profiles are a lot easier than understanding the intentions of a stranger you’ve met online. Here are a few red flags you should closely consider while dating online:

  • Make sure the name of the individual matches with his/her profile picture on other social networking platforms such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Don’t get easily convinced in case he/she asks for money.
  • If he/she is hesitant to meet in person or get onto a video call, take that as a red flag.
  • When there is inconsistency in information every time you chat – this shows they're lying.
  • If the information they share while chatting/talking isn't in line with the information in the profile