How to Take Online Dating Offline

online offline datingDid you meet someone you like with the help of online dating sites? Would you like to move online dating into the offline environment? Even though it may sound tricky to do this, it is not that complicated. It is true that is more comfortable to meet new people this way, but this should not replace the romance in your life. Online dating should be seen just as step towards meeting new people and having more chances to finding that person who is worthy of being your life companion, especially to senior dating. So, if you are not sure how to pass from online dating to offline dating, pay attention to the following information.

Stay in the friendly message range online

You have a gut feeling that the person you are talking with online has a great potential of becoming your partner? That's great, but that doesn't mean you should start making confessions online. Send warm and friendly messages, but don’t draw any conclusion until you actually meet and have a face to face conversation. It will be harder to opt out in case you realize that you don't like the person if you make things too romantic online.

Don't give out too much information

It is recommended to maintain a platonic relationship online and not give too many details because what you type may be misinterpreted due to the lack of body language and the sound of voice. Communication is much more than words, so you should be careful what you type in the online environment. It is impossible to transmit feelings this way, the other person receiving facts more than anything. So keep things short and sweet and save the rest for the real date.

Don't wait for forever for an offline date to happen

If you met someone interesting online and you got chatting, and you have the feeling that you get along, you shouldn't wait for too long until an actual offline date happens. The idea is not to keep online conversations go for too long, because they may end up getting boring and one of you may drop out of interest for the other. Online dating should be used just as a starter for what is going to happen offline, so don't postpone this moment too much.

Don't say date

It may be hard to believe this, but by tagging you meet up as a date will actually make both of your more nervous. If it will be officially known as a date, you will feel under pressure and won't act as yourselves. So, instead, go for a coffee, take lunch or dinner together, go for a walk, or whatever comes to your mind, except going out for a date. Keeping things simple and casual for start will help both of you unwind and take things lighter.

When is the right time and place to make the move?

The time and place of first offline date is rather important. If you want to take things slowly and keep the platonic status of the relationship, you may want to choose to meet during the day, at a cafe or something like this. If you want to go out in the evening, instead of going at a fancy restaurant, pick a cozy and private venue where you can feel comfortable and talk in peace. Leave activity dates like going to the cinema or watching a game for later on, when you'll know each other a bit better.

Prepare your escape plan

The reality is that not all offline dates are hits. There are cases in which a date can go in the wrong direction, so you will need a way out of that situation. In case things are getting very boring or sleazy, make sure you talk with one of your friends upfront and make a plan together. Your friend should be able to call you, when and if needed, with an excuse that will give you the opportunity to get out of there, like your cat ran away or your friend broke his foot or something. Such plans will save you from wasting your precious time on a date that will only give you bed memories. Of course, if things go well, after all, you may simply drop your plan and go on with your date.