How to Go on Date if You Can’t Drive?

drive to dateOf the many issues confronting the senior who finds his/herself thrust into the online and offline dating pool, driving must be one of the most important. Driving is often a problem for seniors, due to health infirmities and/or disability. While it is possible to have a full and active life in spite of being unable to drive, it is difficult to enter the dating scene if you can no longer drive. But, an inability to drive is not a barrier to finding an online soul mate as long as it is possible to find a way to meet in person and engage in activities. Alternatives such as limousines, taxicabs, busses, etc. can be called upon for those seniors who choose to take online senior dating to the next level.

It makes sense to advise any potential partners of an inability to drive and/or disability early on in the correspondence, although it is not necessary to do so until you decide whether or not you want to have a relationship with the other person in the “real” world as opposed to remaining friends online. By advising the other person of your inability to drive, you allow the other person the opportunity to offer to drive, thus saving you the problem of transportation, as well as giving them the chance to decide whether or not they want to have a relationship with a person who cannot drive. Although it is difficult to deal with the feelings of rejection that come from being turned down for a relationship, it helps to remember that the other person is simply weeding out those people that they believe they will not be compatible with, just as you are doing. One major advantage of online dating is that in the beginning, you don’t know each other well enough for it to be personal if one of you rejects the other person.

Once you decide to meet… will you get there? What does the senior who can no longer drive do? There are several options that I have tried in my own search for a soul mate. There are many ways to get around and have a successful first date (and many thereafter)!

My personal favorite is to take a limousine on the first date. On the face of it, this may seem overly ostentatious, particularly since the cost of a limousine is considerably greater than a taxicab. However, when one considers that it is probably more expensive to make payments on a car, pay for monthly insurance, yearly registration and licensing, maintain regular servicing, buy gas, pay for parking, etc., it is not that expensive to splurge for a limousine for that all-important first date! Arriving in a limousine is likely to make the potential partner feel flattered and smile, thus opening up a line of communication about driving. If the potential partner is ultimately turned off by the various infirmities, at least the date started off well! Plus, taking a limousine makes both men and women feel special! And, it creates a wonderful memory for the future, especially if the relationship blooms. Arriving in a limousine also gives the most important impression that in spite of health infirmities, the person in the limousine is clearly not limited from living life because of not having a driver’s license! A cheaper alternative is a regular taxicab, though for a first date it may be necessary to survey the various taxicab companies in your area to determine if the taxi company maintains clean vehicles, since no one likes to ride in filthy taxicab, especially if both partners are dressed-to-the-nines.

If a special van is required to accommodate a wheelchair or scooter, it is definitely recommended that the handicapped vehicle companies be surveyed for cleanliness and vehicle type prior to the date, since different companies may take bookings for a selection of vehicles that may offer better seating configurations. Typically, these vans anchor the wheelchair (with the person in it) down in the back of the vehicle, while the driver and passengers ride in front. This configuration is awkward and not conducive to conversation or romance. As such, you may wish to check out different van companies to determine the best vehicle to hire for your all important first date (and all those that come after).

Driving doesn’t have to be a barrier to meeting your online soul mate!