Dating as a senior: Getting back on the saddle again

dating as a seniorIt can be difficult and downright maddening when it comes to the concept of dating for seniors. Thankfully, the online sites and culture have made things a bit less taboo and much more user-friendly when it comes to finding love all over again. Society may think that once you pass your 50’s (some choose believe even earlier than that) you’re chopped liver, you shouldn’t think about romance, only friendship, and that you should forget about sexual needs because you don’t want to be labeled a pervert.

It’s time to flush these stereotypes and myths down the drain and start dating like everyone else.

The Senior Online Dating Game

Although the online dating spotlight has been hogged by teenagers who have demanded faster, less personal, and instant gratification with the coming of online dating apps, that doesn’t mean seniors can’t benefit from online tools and experience success. Tinder may be a useless app for mature singles who have obviously gotten over the phase of seeking flawless mates based purely on their physical appearance, there are still some decent senior dating apps and websites providing a convenient and useful service.

At the very least, all seniors should use Google to do a little pre-screening in the event they find someone the like online.

Offline Dating Services

This is more of the old fashion style of dating that most seniors are familiar with. It does have its perks to have a personal matchmaker set you up with potential mates, based on the same criteria that you input on any online dating service, like eHarmony or OKCupid. Another advantage that comes with these local matchmakers is the fact that they can set you up in social environments where you can naturally meet and mingle with other seniors who are there for the same reason, avoiding the whole awkward scouting process to avoid wedding rings.

This service, compared to an online dating site membership, is going to be pricier, and the level of success will ultimately depend on how good the matchmaker is and how much they understand your personality.

Preparing yourself for Success

Being nervous about dating again is okay, you have to remember that even the toughest of tough guys get nervous, it’s part of being human and it shows that you really care about this. The dating world hasn’t really changed as much as the window dressing has. The smartphone generation doesn’t mean human behavior is suddenly different. Dates who show a disinterest or a nervous habit of checking their phone during their date isn’t all that different from the days of “staring off into the distance” or being distracted by something while on dates. Smartphones just make those behaviors a bit more apparent.

You shouldn’t be concerned about your “old ways” or be afraid to voice your opinions, that is what your perfect match will find attractive about you, not your ability to navigate an iPhone. As long as you go into the dating world with patience and a good heart, you will find someone who recognizes that you have a big heart. Don’t go chasing love, it will find you, if you stay positive.