Dating After Divorce - Leave your past behind you

dating after divorceGetting back into dating right after a divorce can be some tough. However, you will have to get over the damages caused by the previous relationship if you wish to lead a happy life. A family can add a sense of purpose in life and this is why it is essential to have a companion. So after divorce, not only you are still in your middle age, but also your are turning into the silver golden years, it’s time to consider senior dating, start a fresh hot date and leave behind what had happened earlier.

Here are a few blunders that people tend to make while starting with dating post divorce.

Thinking everyone is like your ex

This kind of a mentality will take you nowhere. If you don’t get rid of this distrust towards men/women, it will ruin your chances of finding someone who genuinely loves you. This attitude shows up in online dating profiles with people including terms such as “Dishonest people – Stay away from me”. By writing these things on your profile, you are only broadcasting that you’ve been hurt.

Look at every new person you interact with as an individual and make a note of all the ways a prospective partner is different from your ex.

Getting into a rebound relationship

If you feel lonely and left out after divorce, it is likely that you might get involved with someone new before you’re ready to make a move. So, how do you determine if the relationship is truly a genuine one or is it a mere rebound?

Firstly, ask yourself if the person whom you are involved with possesses the qualities you’d like to see in a long term companion. Do you share common interests? Or is the physical attraction blinding you from judging the person’s true character? Ask yourself if you’re happy being single. If the answer is yes, then you are absolutely ready for a new relationship.

In case you are uncomfortable in the absence of a partner, the new relationship may, indeed be a consequence of desperation. It isn’t advised to get into a new relationship until you heal from your divorce.

Holding onto the baggage

It is better to get rid of the burden of your divorce and start dating again. The key is to find ways of quickly getting rid of the baggage so you don’t become a victim of it. It is important that you understand the reason for splitting up. Was it because of your partner or did you have any destructive habits? Blaming is one of the most devastating habits seen among couples and that is exactly why things go haywire.

The period after a divorce is the right time for self-introspection. Dating for senior citizen need more patience and passions. Try improving upon your negative traits. Think of new things that could be done differently in order to have a healthy relationship in the near future.