5 Clues To Know If Someone Really Likes You

senior datingBack in the day when you were a lot younger, you might have taken a daisy and picked the petals off one by one to find out whether “he loves you or loves you not.” Or, if you were a little boy you probably passed notes to girls asking them to fill out one of two boxes, “Yes” or “No” in answer to your question. These days, when you enter into the senior dating, neither one of these approaches is likely to get you the response you’re looking for.

That being the case, how does one find out if someone is romantically interested in them? Most people are not going to be upfront about this on a date, especially if they really are not interested in having a romantic relationship. This means, you’re left with interpreting all their non-verbal cues to figure out how they feel and this is certainly up to misinterpretation.

To avoid all of this, five clues can help you determine whether someone is romantically interested in you or not:

They Made an Effort Regarding Their Appearance

Did they make an effort to look good? Does it look like they took some time to get ready for your date? Or did they just throw themselves together? It’s true that dress codes are not as strict as they used to be, but how you dress shows what you think of yourself and it’s a good indication of how you regard your date. If your date doesn’t look like he or she put any effort into their appearance, it may indicate they are not really interested in having a relationship.

They Show An Interest by Asking About You

I’m sure you’ve been to holiday gatherings where your relatives are going on and on about themselves, and you’re wondering if they’re at all interested in what’s going on with you. It’s no different when you’re on a date with someone. Are they asking any questions about you? Do they seem to want to get to know you? If so, then that’s a good indication they’re interested.

They Maintain Good Eye Contact

When you’re on a date with someone, they should be looking at you the whole time. If they seem to be looking around the room to see whom else might be there, then that is a pretty good sign that they’re not interested in you or anything you’re talking about.

They Reach Out Immediately and Stay in Contact

If someone is interested in you they will want to continue talking and see you on a regular basis. If you’ve been dating someone but they don’t always reply to your texts or emails and you have to wait for them to return calls, then most likely this relationship isn’t going anywhere. You need to find someone who appreciates you, enjoys your company and won’t leave you in the dark as to what your status is.

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They Have No Problem Asking You Out

Do you wonder each time whether you’ll get another date? Does it all seem like too much bother? If the person you’re dating is interested, they’ll let you know. You won’t be left hanging each time.

Dating can be challenging at any age, but the older you are the more confusing it seems to get. Now that seniors are using online dating sites, there seems to be less confusion. However, if you’re still up in the air as to whether someone is interested in you, the tips I’ve provided above should help clear things up.