5 Best Cities for Seniors to Travel in 2019

senior travelThe fund and relaxation have always been important for senior citizens who are looking to find ways to enjoy their retirement years and have fun. When senior citizens are looking for a good place to go on a nice trip with their significant other half, or someone they are getting to know better, some places in the world are ideal for this purpose. In this article we are going to focus on peaceful and beautiful locations where people can enjoy themselves.

This is not a list of the only cities which we consider to be great for senior citizens, so there is no specific order for these cities, but we had to create a nice short list and these places definitely took the spot for us.

1-San Guanacaste, Costa Rica

People finally began to discover the amazing places that Central America has to offer. Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful little gems where anyone could visit. With beautiful beaches and rainforests, it look like a scenic come from an epic science fiction movie. The beaches in Guanacaste are incredibly beautiful. We also recommend that you visit Puntarenas.


This place has a larger number of islands with such an iconic reputation for being ideal for vacations. You are going to feel peaceful and completely at home when you visit anyone of the amazing islands offered by this independent state. All the islands have something great and different to experience.

3-Rome, Italy

The most enchanting places in the world can be found in Rome. You can take a walk with your partner and then enjoy a nice meal in one of the many traditional cafes in the area. You are also going to love the Colosseum, an attractive place where remind you of the empire that Rome used to be. Moreover we also recommend you visit Milan on your trip.

4-San Francisco, California

San Francisco has everything a senior couple could ever want to see or do. This is a city with plenty of great activities for people who are no longer looking for the same kind of excitement they wanted as kids. This city is perfect for walking down the bay and enjoying a nice picnic at many beautiful parks available.

5-Cancun, Mexico

This is a place where really help you relax and find the kind of rest you need, but like other cities, there is also plenty of activity for seniors to enjoy and quite a selection of restaurants and bars to choose from.


There are many places where seniors can visit and have a good time, but we mentioned a few great locales, they also provide abundant entertainment for your vacations with affordable package deals available. If you want to explore the world and get to know more about the places where you will visit, we recommend you take some time to search for the kind of activities and enjoy the most.

Always keep in mind that when you travel to other countries, some of their laws are different, so always do your research on this before you decide to travel to any area of the world, only in this way you will be able to have a nice journey and be safe at all times.